Growth is a choice.

Resilience and Re-invention are required for expansion.

Consider the beautiful, large trees that exist today. They started as small saplings hundreds of years ago. Their shapes tell a story of the storms that they endured, the animals that they housed and the presence of humanity.

Our bodies also tell a story.

We can change the story, if it ensures that we live to our highest potential.

For health, you need to rise up from your injuries and expectations and implement disciplined action to rebuild the version of you that you deserve.

Resilience means honouring your story and giving it the space for compassion.

Re-invention means acknowledging your past and making the necessary steps to move forward into a new trajectory of limitless potential.

It requires action.

Draw knowledge from the right people, eat the food that will fuel you, rest, move, turn in, reassess, shift.


Speaking and working with High performers is very much related to my work as a chiropractor and dance artist. They inspire me. I keep them going.

Transformation happens when you ALIGN your mindset to your goals so that you Embody them as reality.

Align and embody friends.

Keep growing.

I’m 7 months pregnant today with my third child. Well, I don’t like to slow down, but this baby is making me walk slower, lift lighter and less mentally alert. But my schedule presses forward. I Kinesio Tape my abs for strength and stability, I work out as much as I can and I eat well and take my supplements to ensure I can keep up with my family and career.

I’m slowing down.

I have five more weeks until I go on maternity leave.

It takes me longer to walk around. My husband walks three metres ahead of me.

I’m slowing down.

My two-year old and my four-year old daughters still want me to carry them. I do.

I throw my back out.

I’m a chiropractor, dancer and pilates instructor. This doesn’t happen to me.

But it does….and it will…. because I am pregnant.

“It’s okay,” I tell myself. “This is normal right?”


So please, give a pregnant woman a seat on the bus or subway. Her face may look young, but she’s tired after a long day.

It’s all for the greater good, for this life that grows inside me. I anticipate the addition to my family. I’m tired, but I am not lazy. I am still “working” as I sit to nurture the child that will be born in April.