I’m 7 months pregnant today with my third child. Well, I don’t like to slow down, but this baby is making me walk slower, lift lighter and less mentally alert. But my schedule presses forward. I Kinesio Tape my abs for strength and stability, I work out as much as I can and I eat well and take my supplements to ensure I can keep up with my family and career.

I’m slowing down.

I have five more weeks until I go on maternity leave.

It takes me longer to walk around. My husband walks three metres ahead of me.

I’m slowing down.

My two-year old and my four-year old daughters still want me to carry them. I do.

I throw my back out.

I’m a chiropractor, dancer and pilates instructor. This doesn’t happen to me.

But it does….and it will…. because I am pregnant.

“It’s okay,” I tell myself. “This is normal right?”


So please, give a pregnant woman a seat on the bus or subway. Her face may look young, but she’s tired after a long day.

It’s all for the greater good, for this life that grows inside me. I anticipate the addition to my family. I’m tired, but I am not lazy. I am still “working” as I sit to nurture the child that will be born in April.