runner-stretchDid you know that your muscles adapt to the level of activity that you do? The heavier you lift, the bigger your muscles become.  Likewise, the more you stretch the longer your muscles become.

For example, when you sit for most of the day, your hip flexor muscles shorten. You may think that this is not be a big deal , but when you want to start to become physically active, you become more prone to injury because your body is not used to being lengthened, especially if the range of motion is ballistic (quick spurts).

To prevent injury, stretch once a day and hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds. 



 Dr. Blessyl Buan, DC

Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on a woman’s joints. (Now I know first hand!) It’s very important that a pregnant woman still receives chiropractic care to relieve the discomfort that she experiences.   


A hormone called Relaxin is released in the first trimester and beyond to make the pelvis more flexible for the upcoming childbirth. As a result, some women will experience, back, knee or foot pain as all of the joints in general increase in laxity.  Strengthening the core muscles will help to prevent muscular imbalances.

Regular Adjustments

Receiving regular chiropractic treatment will help to release tension in the mid back and neck  that’s created from postural changes and growing breasts and can also help to relieve pelvic pain that is the result of the instability that’s caused by the hormone relaxin.

It’s all about you!

If you are expecting, take care of your body. It will help you in the long run as you take care of your child! If you know someone who is expecting, spread the word about how chiropractic can help her have an optimal pregnancy experience.