Laptops are not desktops

It seems most people will buy a laptop over a desktop these days because of the portability that it offers, but don’t forget that laptops are designed for just that. The problem with laptops are that they are not ergonomically designed for long session use.

If you spend hours on your laptop, remember that to avoid repetitive strain, you need to apply the ergonomics that apply to a desktop computer.

  1. The centre of the monitor should be at eye level when your head is facing forward in a neutral position.
  2. The keyboard should be close to your body and not elevated so that you are forced to shrug your shoulders to type.

Mousing (although it also has its inherent problems) is better than using the pad on the laptop over time because you can position it in a location that relaxes your shoulder and wrist.

If you use a laptop in the corporate world, companies should provide a “docking station” to create a more ergonomic working environment. If you work from home, using the laptop on your lap, desk, kitchen table or bed are detrimental to your posture.  Over time, your body can develop the following symptoms:

  1. neck pain
  2. upper trap, shoulder and mid back pain
  3. chronic tension headaches/migraines
  4. wrist pain or carpal tunnel issues
  5. TMJ or jaw grinding
  6. low back painHere is an example of a docking system featured  on (Ergonomic Laptop Risers by Perfect45Degree on Etsy, $95.00)  Image

    As you can see from the photo above, the laptop user requires another keyboard for long-term use.  You can purchase a wireless keyboard or attach another keyboard via USB. It’s quite simple. You can do the same with mouse. It also has a wireless option.

    Follow these tips, and you don’t have to suffer with laptop imposed injuries.


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