Dance is an extension of your heart

As a practitioner, I can truly empathize with the dancer’s desire to be injury free and the anxieties they experience when they are working or in between contracts. It’s a skill that I gained from being a professional dancer. I am very fortunate to juggle both. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would be dancing with a chiropractic career and being the mother of two little girls.

As a mature dancer, I embrace the changes in my physicality. There are other ways to showcase your body as you age.  Interestingly, I am much more confident in my own skin then when I was younger and had the flexibility and physique that I didn’t appreciate at the time.


This is what I learned:

Dance is an extension of your heart.  Dance is wearing your emotions on your body through movement. Under this definition, dance never ages and so your relationship with it should never end. In actuality, it becomes more colourful.


I want the new generation of dancers to have no regrets and to have the tools in their body to be successful. Being a healer and a dancer is my life’s work. It is both my intention and my passion to be a practitioner that is knowledgeable to treat and educate the performing artist and to be genuinely empathetic to their needs because I am also one of them.

Your childhood dreams are messages of what you are intended to become.  At 34 years of age I can honestly say that I am a doctor, a teacher, a mother and a professional dancer.  It took the writing of this article for me to appreciate my ongoing journey. For that I am both humbled and grateful.

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