Dance Health

For over a decade, young performers and professional artists have worked with me to achieve the following:

Reduce Recovery Time

Prevent Injury

Improve Alignment

Return to stage, set, screen

Improve Musicality

Improve Breath in Movement & Vocalization

Get booked 

Be Sustainable

Triple Threat Performer Wellness is a program that caters to the Dancer, Actor and Singer.

Young and professional performing artists have unique needs. As a dance artist, I understand the ebb and flow of creating work, getting hired for work and making sure that your body can keep up with training and performing.  

The following programs are available:

Manual Therapy

Dance Conditioning/ Rehabilitative Exercise Program for your Art

Dance Health Assessment Screens & Reports

Pointe Readiness Exam and Report

Consultation for Return to Stage

Download details of the Triple Threat Performer Wellness Program below:

Dr. Blessyl Buan Triple Threat Performer Wellness Program Fall 2018

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Injury Management, Conditioning Programs, Consultations, Guest Faculty, Workshops & Speaking Engagements with the following studios and companies

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