Performer Health


April 6, 2018 at 7_43 pm 2018-04-06 20-32-51_000015Performing artists have unique needs. As a dancer, Dr. Blessyl understands the ebb and flow of creating work, getting hired for work and making sure that your body can keep up with training and performing.  Performer health is a program that caters to the dancer, actor, musician, vocalist, stunt, and circus performer. Below are programs that exist for performing artists:

Chiropractic Care & adjunctive therapies (in office, on site or backstage)

On site Dance Screen (pre-season, mid-season and end of season evaluations of performer)

Readiness for Pointe Screen

Pilates for the Performer (catered to specific discipline)

In studio workshops on Performer health, breath work, stress management, Acuball,alignment and conditioning

Dance Anatomy, Musician Anatomy, Vocalist Anatomy classes


Guest speaking

For bookings, email


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