BIPOC for Dance Health

BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour.

This directory is for BIPOC health professionals who support dance health.


The intention of the directory is to provide a resource for BIPOC dancers and performing artists to find a support system that will address and validate their unique needs.

The Why:

A directory of BIPOC Dance Health Practitioners and Experts is needed to make it known that we do in fact exist and are available to support BIPOC Dancers and Performing Artists worldwide.

This directory, is currently being led by Blessyl Buan, a chiropractor and dance artist based in Toronto who noticed that diversity in dance health is lacking.

The Benefits of Joining the Directory:

Get Featured in this resource that can be accessed worldwide to connect you to BIPOC dance artists that need your talent.

Get Featured on the BIPOC Dance Health Social Media platforms

Connect With Community.

Create awareness that BIPOC Dance Health Experts exist.

Shift the representation in dance health research and education to include a diverse population of people and dance styles.

Let’s add some colour to dance health.

Spread the word!