BIPOC Dance Health Directory

We are a directory of BIPOC health professionals who support dance health.

The intention of the directory is to provide a resource for BIPOC dancers and performing artists to find a support system that will address and validate their unique needs.

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Dr. Blessyl Buan

Chiropractor, Medical Acupuncture Provider, Dance Conditioning Specialist, Founder of BIPOC Dance Health

Toronto, ON, Canada


Dr. Blessyl Buan has been sought as a dance health educator and chiropractor for pre-professional and professional dancers in Canada. Based in Toronto, she applies her experience as a dance artist, dance mom and dance conditioning specialist to her clinical work. She is a former member and conference presenter of the Board of Directors for Healthy Dancer Canada, the Health Correspondent of Turn Out Radio (CIUT FM) and regular contributor for The Dance Current. She is the founder of the BIPOC Dance Health Movement and Directory.

Cultural Identity: Canadian, Filipino

Languages Spoken: English

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @drblessyl

Dr. Joyce Fu

Chiropractor at JFu Chiropractic, Dancer, Yoga Instructor

Toronto, ON, Canada


Dr. Joyce Fu is a multi-talented chiropractor with over 10 years of training in dance. Through the art form of training, performing and competing internationally and across the GTA, Joyce was able to use dance as a vehicle to understand the crucial link of the mental, physical and spiritual health that all performing artists must have. Joyce practices respect for the physical body through proper from and training, expansion of the spiritual being through meditation and builds stronger mental reservoirs through her work in grounding. Joyce believes that Dance Health is fundamental for performing artists of all kind to continue to create beautiful work because it makes the world a better place.

Cultural Identity: Chinese, South East Asian, Canadian

Languages Spoken: English, Chinese, South East Asian

Instagram & Facebook @JFuChiropractic

Mohogany Brown

Registered Massage Therapist– The Centre of Healing

Toronto & Pickering, ON, Canada

Mohogany is a graduate of Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy and a now Registered Massage therapist. She has spent years admiring the work of many wellness workers around her and quickly grew an admiration for the human body. Not only is she a professionally trained dancer, but also a dance teacher here in the Durham region. Her knowledge for the human body and how it moves is continuously expanding in many ways. She is excited to bring her enthusiasm and love for life to the clinic and share her passion for wellness and the human body with all of her clients here at The Centre!

Cultural Identity: Mixed/interracial community

Languages Spoken: English, French

Instagram @_mohoganyxo

Surabhi Veitch

Physiotherapist-The Passionate Physio

Toronto, ON, Canada


Growing up as a child in India, I practiced Bharatanatyam dance and have always had a passion for dance. As a physiotherapist, I have experience working with both dance and sports injuries. I have worked with Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, jazz, contemporary, ballet and hip hop dancers, from recreational to semi-pro levels. I have a passion for treating retired dancers and mothers who are trying to get back to activities without pain. Dance is not just for while you’re young and performing – dance is is not just for while you’re young and performing – dance is for life!

Cultural Identity: Indian

Languages Spoken: English, French

Instagram @thepassionatephysio

Nicole Inica Hamilton

Dance Educator/ Counselor– Inica Dance Industries

Toronto, ON, Canada

Nicole Inica Hamilton is the Founder of Inica Dance Industries (I.D.I), a Toronto based company dedicated to the education, performance, and professional development of Dance Artists. As a Counselor, Nicole has worked within EAP settings, Victim Witness Assistance Programs, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. In her Capacity as a Public Speaker, and Broadcaster with Turn Out Radio, Nicole has presented in educational institutions on health care practices that speak to the wellbeing of Dance Artists. Nicole serves as a Board of Director with Healthy Dancer Canada and is passionate about creating safe spaces for all bodies to thrive.

Cultural Identity: Black | Trinidadian | Canadian

Languages Spoken: English

Instagram and Twitter: @n_hamilton. Facebook: Nicole Inica Hamilton

Mari Udarbe Han

Physiotherapist-519 Physio

London, ON, Canada


519Physio embodies creativity in healing and healing in creativity. As an advocate for artist wellness, I have created a treatment space housed within 519 School of Hip Hop so members can access screening assessments, wellness workshops, community clinics and many more!

Cultural Identity: Filipino

Languages Spoken: English, Tagalog

Instagram @519physio

Alex Thompson

Physiotherapist- Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre

Victoria, BC, Canada


I am an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist with post-graduate training in manual therapy and clinical pilates. Along with treating dancers in clinic, I work with studios to offer in-person and virtual workshops on injury prevention and technique-specific topics. I also teach anatomy and conditioning classes to pre-professional students. The best part of my job is teaching young dancers about their most important tool and how to keep it healthy and dancing for as long as possible.

Cultural Identity: Black & White

Languages Spoken: English

Instagram @ptalext

United States

Dr. Leada Maleksalehi

Board-certified Sports Physical Therapist

Oakland, California, USA


I have spent the last 5 years working with dancers of all ages and up to the professional levels. Pre-COVID I would work rehearsals and pre-shows and work with dancers. I’ve treated post-op and preventative cases in clinic and have extensive experience with foot and ankle injuries.

Cultural Identity: Middle Eastern/Iranian

Languages Spoken: English, Farsi, Spanish

Instagram @drmalekpt

Dr. Montserrat Andreys

Sports Chiropractor –HEART healthcare for artists

Portland, Oregon, USA


I dance in a flamenco company and treat many dancers in my practice. The need for culturally competent healthcare in the dance community is greatly needed and appreciated when received. Few people outside the dance community understand the cycles, demands and nuances of the dance community. I love the moments when we can just short hand our conversation because we both know exactly what is being said.

Cultural Identity: Latinx

Languages Spoken: Spanish, English

Janelle Cruz

Janelle Cruz Pilates with The 3rd Position Dance Workshops. Speaker, Artist

Los Angeles, California, USA


Janelle Cruz & Jazel Tricia started their collaboration as Pilates educators and professional dancers to bring you, The 3rd Position Dancer’s Workshop which is named after the underrated dance position to support underrated dancers & dance companies. This movement event was created to celebrate dance, support BIPOC dancers, raise awareness for systemic racism within dance, and support dance communities through the pandemic. Donations to this recurring event will be sent to the featured dance organizations of the month.

Cultural Identity: Pacific Islander from Guam

Languages Spoken: English

Instagram @janellecruzpilates

Jazel Tricia Serate

Wellness Coach

Seattle, WA, USA


Through my dance training, I became fascinated by the human body. I graduated Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Dance. On the track to become a physical therapist for dancers, I ended up in the fitness industry as a pilates instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. My goal is to help dancers and former dancers overcome body image issues through strengthening the body, mind, and spirit.

Cultural Identity: Filipino

Languages Spoken: English

Dr. Robert Tsai

Doctor of Physical Therapy- DancePrehab Physical Therapy

Irvine, California, USA


Rob was first introduced to movement was through breakin’ which eventually led to interest and training in ballet, classical modern, and jazz/contemporary at Chapman University. Rob returned to Chapman to pursue his DPT after performing and teaching professionally in Los Angeles. Rob believes in elevating the autonomy, advocacy, and application of healthy practices for performing artists, and seeks to take the conversation beyond rehab through DANCE|PREHAB.

Cultural Identity: Taiwanese

Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese

Instagram @danceprehab & @robtsaidpt