Wear Your Body Well A workshop series that speaks of fashion, pilates, yoga, posture and chakras.

Join Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor, Vivian Law and myself for a 3 week workshop series meet up at Lole Atelier Yorkville.


Wear Your Body Well: Fashion Meets Pilates & Yoga

Dr. Blessyl teaches you imagery using everyday fashion to improve your alignment. Learn how to tap into your “Inner Queen” using your crown, chandelier earrings, statement necklace and corset! Learn Pilates exercises to strengthen these areas. Vivian Law shows restorative yoga poses that opens the chest and hips and strengthen weakened muscles from sitting all day! After this workshop, you’ll leave a little taller and more confident!

Wear your Body Well: Fashion meets posture 60 min

Learn how to pick the right bag for you. Understand what you plan to carry and how to effectively bring all of your stuff to and from the studio without hurting your neck and shoulders and compromising your posture!

When your body is tension free, you can carry yourself and your clothes in confidence. Yoga and Pilates with proper alignment in the neck and shoulder areas will teach you how to move well.

Wear Your Body Well: Fashion meets Chakras 60 min

Are you attracted to a certain colour lately? Your responses to colour are indicative of your health and areas that need special attention. Chakras are your body’s energy centres and each level has a specific colour attributed to it. Restorative yoga and Pilates help to open and strengthen these energy centres.

About the instructors:

Dr. Blessyl Buan says, “Posture is your Business Card.” She is a chiropractor, dancer and pilates instructor. Integrating her clinical experience with her knowledge of the body, breath and movement, her passion is to teach the world how to move freely tension free so that performance is optimized.

Realign. Strengthen. Live your Life!


Vivian Law is a passionate wellness professional of nearly 14 years. She is a fitness trainer, nutrition consultant and yoga teacher. Vivian is constantly expanding and sharing her knowledge in health and wellness especially as it relates to alignment of mind, body and spirit, bringing yoga to life and Making Life Good.

Your posture produces a snap shot of your confidence and health in any given moment. Your breathing, vocal projection and ability to maintain eye contact are reflected and influenced by the way your body is aligned. Learn to recognize the way you carry yourself and the message that you are conveying to the world around you. Understand what lifestyle factors affect your posture such as work and family life and how you can correct it. When you’re not feeling so great, learn the tools to “fake it until you make it!”


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