Now more than ever it is important to ensure that you thrive.

When you thrive you are present and able to create from a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Thrivers are sustainable.

Sustainability is what we all really want to achieve.

Don’t you want to be unstoppable?

When you work with me, we will be in collaboration to work towards transformation. 

Commitment and accountability is important for your success. You will be informed with metrics about your progress and will receive a personally designed exercise video library program via the app, Physitrack

Realign. Strengthen. Live your Life.

Who am I?

I am a Chiropractor, Dance Artist & Movement Specialist with a heart-centred practice that marries evidence-based science on the principles of high performance while holding a safe space to reduce your stress response to help you to heal and optimize movement.

My drive to design a practice that combined art and healing started as a child. Read more.

Dr. Blessyl’s both professional and intuitive approach, worked to heal and improve my alignment. I felt comfortable and most importantly, understood! The care I received in treatment with Dr. Blessyl transformed the way I interpret movement, and I will continue to recommend her to my clients!

Nicole H.

Dr. Blessyl is wonderful! She can always efficiently and effectively identify what is going on for my young dancer and how to help her. Even through virtual treatment she was able to diagnose an injury and prescribe a treatment plan. Thank you Dr Blessyl! Google Review

Lauren B.

I have been seeing Dr. Blessyl for several years now to deal with various joint issues. Her range of therapeutic modalities from acupuncture to tissue & muscle manipulation and k-tape application have been great in my treatment. She shares great information and provides follow-up to see that treatment is progressing. She is definitely someone that […]

J. P. P.

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